A peaceful and quiet work atmosphere… Where you can concentrate… And stay connected to others

Join Caravan Cowork International Community in Aix-en-Provence !

Open 24h/day, 7d/week
Free and easy parking
High speed professional internet network
10′ ride from downtown Aix-en-Provence (Rotonde) with Aixpress bus or by bike
100m from “Parking relais” and bus stop Lieutenant-colonel Jeanpierre

Benefit from significant discount from Caravan Cowork partners (ski resorts, holiday resorts, fitness club, cultural events, hotels and restaurants, …)

Rates start at 50€/month (VAT excluded)

Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence :

Professional & affordable work space in a trustworthy & international environment in Aix-en-Provence !
4 private offices with an excellent acoustic insulation to help you concentrate and/or protect confidential discussions.
High speed (fiber) and reliable/stable internet connection

A business accelerator and network for your activities in France !

Caravan Cowork In Aix en Provence offers rentals of 1 open space for co-workers and 4 private offices (100m2).

The space is designed to offer a peaceful, resourceful work area for those needing to concentrate together together with collaborative open areas for creativity, interactions, “design thinking” and collaborative tools (within Caravan Cowork In Aix en Provence and “on line”).

​Equipment and furniture are completely mobile and versatile requiring only a few minutes to arrange the space according to your needs each time you come.

A nice kitchen space is available for coffee breaks, lunches, etc.
A “cantine” is available: 5′ walk, lunch for 7-8€ (inside or terrasse)

​2 toilets and a shower are also available as well as a private bicycle parking lot (including 3 available bikes). Only a few minutes walking distance away there are soccer, rugby, tennis, “petanque” fields and courts as well as a swimming pool and 2 parks to enjoy the sun of Provence and/or practice running.

Easy access to train station, airport and highways (public transportation and/or by car with options to avoid traffic jams)

We will be happy to welcome you at Caravan when you come to visit!


Shared work offices designed to enhance your inspiration and facilitate the development of your activity, ideas, projects. A space where your creativity can become a “crea’ctivity”.

Caravan Cowork In Aix en Provence is based in Provence… But you will also be able to hear people talking in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Catalan, Hindi, Vietnamese… A space where different people, cultures can meet and exchange!