Whether you are looking to work alone or in a shared space with others, our community offers you a place where your ideas and projects become reality.

Immerse yourself into our international community within our open space “Oceania” and our 4 independent studios (“Africa”, “Antarctica”, “Americas”, “Eurasia”).

Enjoy the economic benefits of being located in a priority-city neighborhood within Aix-en-Provence:
* Affordable prices
* 24/7 building access
* free parking
* 10 minutes from downtown Aix-en-Provence by bike or Aixpress bus

Here at Caravan, we value your autonomy and trust through co-management, allowing you to come and go as you please while getting to know everyone.

You have the convenience to grow your business and hire employees and interns to seek more opportunities while controlling risks and costs. The space, as well as the associated services and partnerships, are designed to help you develop your projects.

“In all areas of art, industry and science, beauty and efficiency always go hand in hand with simplicity”.
Charles Hervé-Gruyer

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