Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence is an affordable international coworking space and community.

A few words to describe how Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence operates:

(*°▽°*) Respect of the neighbors, the community, and each other’s activities

(*°▽°*) Trust

(*°▽°*) Exchanges

(*°▽°*) Dynamism

(*°▽°*) Creativity

Reach your highest peak! 

Join our: 

(*°▽°*) Open space “Oceania” (40m2): 8 workstations

(*°▽°*) Individual studios “Africa” or “Americas” (8m2 per studio): 2 workstations per studio

(*°▽°*) Individual studios “Antarctica” or “Eurasia” (15m2 per studio): 4 workstations per studio

“In all areas of art, industry and science, beauty and efficiency have always rhymed with simplicity”. — Charles Hervé-Gruyer

With Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence, you can develop your business, set your goals, track your progress, and put your plans into action, all while interacting with a helpful and resourceful community!

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