Welcome to Caravan Cowork in Aix-en-Provence!

Caravan Cowork in Aix-en-Provence is an international, affordable, and easily accessible joint management that is available 24/7 in a priority area in Aix-en-Provence.

Just 10 minutes by bike or with Aixpress from downtown Aix-en-Provence, Caravan Cowork is easily accessible. There is free parking, and an Aixpress stop (Lieutenant-Colonel Jeanpierre)  is 100m from the building. 

We offer high speed internet (950Gb/s) and other technical amenities (printer, headset & microphone for video calls etc.), and an open space and four private offices/studios.

Our open space, “Oceania,” and 4 private offices/studios with large, bright windows allows you to work in a space tailored to your needs.

Come work with us and join our international community !

Why Coworking?

From a daily position in a company to working from home, meet the in between: coworking.

Coworking offers the possibility of working in a professional environment, outside the home, within a diverse community of entrepreneurs, self-employed and seconded employees.

A few words that illustrate the principles of Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence:

    • Respect for work, activities, the space and neighbors
    • Trust
    • Exchanges
    • Dynamism
    • Create-Activity


– Coronavirus Response –

Members have access to Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence 24/7 starting May 11th.

Current Sanitary Protocol:

      • Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and exit (foot dispenser)
      • Must wear the mask indoors (except on the workstation)
      • 1.5m distance between workstations
      • Separation glass between workstations
      • 6m2 per person
      • Mandatory hand washing in kitchen and restroom (soap or gel)
      • Disinfection of premises with Ehpad approved virucide
      • Traceability of the days that members are present in Caravan in order to be be quickly notified if a risk is identified