How it works

Our space, along with its associated services and partnerships, provides you with the resources to enrich and develop your projects.

Work alone or with others in a professional atmosphere where autonomy, tranquility, sharing, and mentoring are encouraged and valued.

Integrate interns or other hires with partnering opportunities in the international market.

Develop growth opportunities while efficiently managing risks and costs.


Space Open Hours Purpose
Open Space, “Oceania” (40m2/430ft2) Mon-Fri


8:30 am-6:30 pm Coworking
Open space Mon-Fri (evenings) 6:30pm-11:30pm Meetings, Trainings, Conferences, Workgroups
Open space Sat-Sun 8:30am-11:30pm Meetings, Trainings, Conferences,  Workgroups
4 individual studios, “Africa” / “Americas” (8m2/90ft2 each)

“Antarctica” / “Eurasia” (15m2/160ft2 each)

Mon-Sun 24/7 Tranquillity, Confidentiality,  Meetings

We offer an international workspace in a community made up of workers both local and international!

❃ Oceania: open space (40m2)

Our “open space” for collaboration with others

“Where brainstorming creates waves and waterfalls of knowledge. Here, these droplets of rain never cease to fall because your thoughts never cease to formulate and change.” – Allie Tankel

❃ Americas or Africa: individual studios (8m2 each)


❃ Antarctica or Eurasia: individual studios (15m2 each)

“If you prefer the land over the sea, travel to one of our 4 continents: Eurasia, Africa, Americas or Antarctica, where your ideas are grounded and firm in your company’s rich soil.” – Allie Tankel

(Open space “Oceania” pictured above)