May 11th, 2020: Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence reopens!

Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence will open once again on May 11th, 2020! What a pleasure it is to rejoin the vast majority of our members little by little between May 11th and the beginning of June. Some surprises are in store for you all!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

Access exclusive to members during the month of May. You can download the sanitary measures implemented at Caravan Cowork here (in French):


Want to join this tight-knit professional and economic workspace with 24/7 access, an open space, and four individual studios? Give us a call at (+33) 06 50 97 76 61!

4 workstations and an individual studio will be available starting at the start of June.




That was the theme of this improvised musical dance performance, shot in one take without any safety net, with Lou and Harold (thanks!!!). This improvisation was directed and performed before the quarantine, and the editing was done by Harald during the quarantine. 

The initial idea was “Working the space” (a concept inspired by the concept of “Dancing the space” created by our choreographer friend Aurélie Delarue); it’s an artistic representation of the reality of shared workspaces (i.e. coworking spaces). 

Following the encounter (, the discovery, there comes a period of confrontation… The moment when the individual territories take form, along with the communal territories, spaces of sharing and collaboration, all of which are respected by the community. 

That said, nobody imagined the reality that we are currently experiencing. The “coworking family” has become a reality for many of us! In just a few weeks, our ability to move and enjoy our physical territories has been greatly reduced. Our physical spaces of encounters and collaboration have disappeared. Numerous spaces are no longer accessible. Our borders are closed. 

And yet… 

We continue to use our individual territories as well as a collaborative territory (at least virtually)… 

New borders are also open… But are they defined? This video may illustrate, inadvertently, the manifestation of these borders between a personal space and a collective space. 

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Happy Work during the quarantine. Some helpful tips!

How to work at home?

How to be efficient and enjoy work during this quarantine period?

How to take pleasure through work?

“My schedule is coming undone piece by piece, because it’s what must come that comes, not what we write in the schedule; may we at least take charge, skillfully and energetically, of what legitimately comes.” Rainer Maria Rilke.

Some tried and true tips:

  • Maintain a regular schedule and create a rhythm that both works for you and will adapt to the context in which you operate
  • Plan your work so that you can ensure your attention will be focused on specific objectives. Make sure to plan for “free times”… Where you can indulge in your curiosity and impulses.
  • Note what helped you progress and succeed. At the end of the day, note any difficulties you encountered.
  • Staying in touch à Set aside time for yourself, your family, your friends, and your colleagues
  • à Establish “routines”

It’s an opportunity for your work to adapt to you and allow you to be even more productive.

You’ll have more time (less travel means more productivity) which you can benefit from by discovering, experiencing, and learning new things and/or spending quality times with your loved ones and/or practicing your favorite hobbies…

Don’t hesitate to try to link hobbies and work… Test what your hobbies can bring to your work and what your work can bring to your hobbies!

A podcast to illustrate (in French):

“Faced with the changing world, it’s better to think of change than to change the dressing.” Francis Blanche

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Caravan Cowork in immersive 3D virtual reality

In this period of quarantine, discover several innovative tools to stay in touch and continue working in a coworking environment, even from home.

The platform Immersive Colab ( allows you to rediscover Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence in immersive virtual reality.

Large workspaces with collaborative work tools are offered by the platform. Here’s an example below!

Lastly, Akimbo ( offers virtual coworking with work rooms by using Zoom technology.

If you aren’t familiar with these platforms, give them a try!

Covid-19 / Measures taken in light of Coronavirus

Restricted and exclusive access to members of Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence starting Friday, March 13th, 2020.

Caravan Cowork, a tight-knit community of coworkers, will remain open, but will restrict access exclusively to members.

4 workspaces in the Open Space area will be available for new coworkers as soon as the Covid-19 crisis is over.

Happy working group in room “Eurasia”

A work group @ Caravan Cowork. Happyworking, proworking, codevelopment in action in the wonderful atmosphere of our workroom “Eurasia!”

Coming from the Hautes-Alpes region and from the Bouche du Rhône region, with varying expertise and shared projects!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year,

New moon,

It happened last Saturday!

Year of the Rat… It’s an animal that you usually don’t like to come across at home or in the street at night. However, in Asia, the rat symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and luck. Reflecting upon that, this animal is present where there is an abundance of food, whether that be in cities close to busy restaurants or in fertile agricultural fields… Rats; an animal that keeps humanity’s excess in check?

Will 2020 be a productive year free of excess?

(Because a lot of rats means a big harvest!)

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!!

Dreams, plans, progress… And beautiful moments to share together!

That’s what Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence wishes for you this year!

Inspired by a public wishing tree found in Lyon at the end of 2019; I thought about what these words, often used at the end or beginning of the year, really mean for me: dreams, wishes, plans, goals.

I share with you, thus, my answers to that question:

A goal needs to stem from a dream to make sense.

A wish is the first step toward a commitment.

A project allows your dream to take shape.

A goal allows you to start achieving your dreams.

Happy New Year’s Eve and here’s to the end of 2019!

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Ski Season Begins, As Does Caravan Cowork’s Works Council!

Certain ski resorts opened last weekend thanks to the snowfall from recent weeks!

Caravan Cowork is happy to start the winter season off right by opening our own works council!

Members of Caravan Cowork have the possibility to benefit from discounts ranging from 30% to 50% at 11 different ski resorts, including Orcières Merlette and Vars-Risoul (Southern Alps), Chamonix, Valmorel, les Saisies, Tignes, les Ménuires, la Plagne, and les Arcs (Northern Alps).

These discounts may include housing fees, gym fees, cultural and artistic events, and partner restaurants/hotels!

That’s one of the benefits of joining Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence’s community of businesses and entrepreneurs!

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Orcières Merlette’s webcam… Just a 2-hour drive from Caravan Cowork:

Swing, Bounce & Coworking!

Swing dance and swing music can be characterized by its “bounce” and its “jauntiness.”

I find that same energy in a coworking space!

You can find it through work: finding a regular working rhythm – the tempo – in order to achieve your goals.

You can find it through motivation: benefitting from collective competitiveness between coworkers with varying identities and experiences – the swing!

You can find it through inspiration and development: building upon new ideas; inspiring the best practices, developing and testing them – the bounce!

Working in a coworking environment means benefitting from a workspace that mixes fun and diligence, creativity and stability… And of course, letting yourself hone your activity development skills!

Like in Swing!

It is with great pleasure that Caravan Cowork announces its partnership with Aixstraswing; we will be hosting events for the Swing community of Aix-en-Provence.

Very soon… Swing In Caravan Cowork with Aixtraswing!