The Aixpress bus links Caravan Cowork directly to La Rotonde!

Starting today, the Aixpress bus links Caravan Cowork directly to La Rotonde! The bus ride lasts 20 minutes with a bus arriving every 7 minutes, from 5:30 AM to midnight, seven days a week!

The travel time should gradually decrease, since the city center of Aix-en-Provence is always expanding and getting closer; meanwhile, it’s as easy as ever to find free parking near Caravan Cowork.

Furthermore, 7.2km of newly constructed cycling routes allow you to come by bike as well!

50m from Caravan Cowork, in a few weeks, you will find a bus station, parking spaces with 600 spots, bike parking, and recharge stations for electric bikes and cars!

Coming to work and travelling pleasantly through the small towns of Provence has never been more comfortable!

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A new logo for Caravan Cowork In Aix en Provence !


Caravan Cowork celebrates its first birthday and keeps on moving…

We are very proud to share today Caravan Cowork new logo !

Thanks to Codjo, Marie and M-design for the nice work done together !

This logo is  one of the many examples of partnerships made while working together on different projects, businesses and areas of expertise !

Happy Birthday Caravan Cowork In Aix en Provence !

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High speed train station, or coworking space?

The high-speed train station of Aix-en-Provence… Aixploring… Aixplor’Action… Behind these words is the philosophy of Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence!

A train station… A coworking space… What is the difference?

Trains and train stations have been coworking spaces since long before the beginning of the first official coworking spaces.

A coworking space is also a station, a place of transition… You arrive with ideas, plans, needs… And you leave when it is time to leave, when it becomes important to get out of the office and to get out of your familiar comfort zone in order to explore, meet others, make offers, trades… Just like the caravanners from days gone by!


The Power of Storytelling for Your Enterprise

Imagine your enterprise like a theatre piece.

Who is playing what role exactly and why?

And what was the core motivation of what you are doing again?

In this short workshop of app. 50 minutes, Harald will link business needs with innovation and creative processes.

For his clients, he works as a filmmaker, project manager, and trainer. His input offers repeatable and transferable methodologies that bring new energy and custom soluHons to stalled projects and organizations.

His experiences include a career as a dancer and soloist for the German Opera in Berlin as well as the Ballet Preljocaj, followed by over 10 years of work experience as a filmmaker and digital content producer.

Since 2015 he works as an independent consultant.

Reservation required: your-enterprise

Tickets (single tariff): 25€

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 – 12h15/13h15

Storytelling Workshop

Organize, present, and host a live webinar from Caravan Cowork!

Yesterday, Caravan Cowork hosted a professor’s webinar, which reached 4000 people in the world.

As such, we are happy to introduce our personalized webinar services; through these services, we offer you the opportunity to lead your own webinars through Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence!

–Adjustable lighting and “background” decor
–Professional video conference equipment (and the possibility to bring in an associative TV crew to assemble a TV set with several cameras)
–Paperboard for writing; the webinar’s participants can see this writing live on their screens!
–The possibility to invite participants on site to have an audience both on site and online
–Technical support (connection, lighting, computers, cameras)
–Very high speed internet connection (between 500 and 800 megabytes per second) + security with a 4G back-up modem in case of internet outage (which only happens once every six months and is resolved in less than 15 minutes; the back-up modem begins to function less than 5 minutes after the outage)
–A host to maintain the link between the presenter and the audience
–The possibility to conduct conferences in augmented virtual reality (3D with an avatar)

Caravan Cowork Certified C3 by Actipole 21

Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence is Certified C3 (Collaborative Connected Center) by Actipole 21.

This network ( promotes third places in France in order to develop new work forms.

Through this certification, Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence commits to:

  • developing and providing quality coworking services
  • engaging in a continual process of improvement and development
  • remaining involved in the promotion of third places

A big event is currently being planned for March. We’ll provide more information soon!

Memories from the “World of Solutions” day

Collaboration, Communication, Conflict Management, Performance

It was a day of encounters, exchanges, and discovery! There were representatives from business and volunteer settings, freelancers, coaches, and more.

From 9 AM to 10 PM, roughly a hundred people participated in different workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions offered by Amandine Jullien, Camille Audemard, Chloé di Cintio, Karima Demaertelaere, Nathalie Boeri, Marie Cardinale, Magali Cherici, Marlène Hedou, Massimiliano Bigoni, Thierry Cammarata, Thierry Girodengo, Pierre-Yves Perez, Codjo & Alexis Nouailhat, before finishing with a concert by Cats Fingers!

For this special occasion, Caravan Cowork was transformed into a large meeting and training area.

It was the first event organized by Caravan Cowork and THEIA. More to follow!