Memories from the “World of Solutions” day

Collaboration, Communication, Conflict Management, Performance

It was a day of encounters, exchanges, and discovery! There were representatives from business and volunteer settings, freelancers, coaches, and more.

From 9 AM to 10 PM, roughly a hundred people participated in different workshops, seminars, and coaching sessions offered by Amandine Jullien, Camille Audemard, Chloé di Cintio, Karima Demaertelaere, Nathalie Boeri, Marie Cardinale, Magali Cherici, Marlène Hedou, Massimiliano Bigoni, Thierry Cammarata, Thierry Girodengo, Pierre-Yves Perez, Codjo & Alexis Nouailhat, before finishing with a concert by Cats Fingers!

For this special occasion, Caravan Cowork was transformed into a large meeting and training area.

It was the first event organized by Caravan Cowork and THEIA. More to follow!

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