Organize, present, and host a live webinar from Caravan Cowork!

Yesterday, Caravan Cowork hosted a professor’s webinar, which reached 4000 people in the world.

As such, we are happy to introduce our personalized webinar services; through these services, we offer you the opportunity to lead your own webinars through Caravan Cowork In Aix-en-Provence!

–Adjustable lighting and “background” decor
–Professional video conference equipment (and the possibility to bring in an associative TV crew to assemble a TV set with several cameras)
–Paperboard for writing; the webinar’s participants can see this writing live on their screens!
–The possibility to invite participants on site to have an audience both on site and online
–Technical support (connection, lighting, computers, cameras)
–Very high speed internet connection (between 500 and 800 megabytes per second) + security with a 4G back-up modem in case of internet outage (which only happens once every six months and is resolved in less than 15 minutes; the back-up modem begins to function less than 5 minutes after the outage)
–A host to maintain the link between the presenter and the audience
–The possibility to conduct conferences in augmented virtual reality (3D with an avatar)

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